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Ferro Custom Bridges

$169.95 US

unplated as shown.


Ferro LP Style with Stop Tail

LP syle bridge(tuno-matic ) affords individual string height adjustment and intonation in one unit. manufactured from 6061 aircraft aluminum to .0005 tolerances , mounts directly to the guitar body allowing total transfer of sound to the pick-ups. The increase in sustain is dramatic to say the least. Bridge mounting at 2.937  between studs , and stop tail at 3.218 between centers. These bridges will transform your guitar beyond your expectation.  Can be purchased with standard stop tail or with the Ferro top wrapping stop tail pictured, have you ever seen this! Mounting hardware for bridge is 5mm.


 Ferro Flush Mount Bridge

THE FERRO flush mount bridge will replace any floating bridge system. Mounting directly to the guitar body , this set-up will change any guitar beyond belief. The increase in clarity and sustain will change the way you play. Individual string height adjustment will allow you to set up your guitar like never before.The intonation range is far beyond what's available on todays market. Mounting between studs is 3.218 Mounting hardware is 5/16-24.

Ferro Floating Wrap Around Bridge

The  Ferro floating bridge is any thing but your standard floating bridge. Designed to fix the problems associated  with the bridges on todays market. Individual string height adjustment and intonable, this bridge system will take your guitar where it CAN'T go with your existing set-up. The versatility  afforded is not to befound anywhere else.  â€‹We guarantee your satisfaction! Mounting between studs is 3 .218. Mounting hardware is


Ferro Top Wrapping Stop Tail

Top wrapping is a set-up used by Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons ,and Joe Bonomassa among many other top name guitarist. The idea behind this is to use a stop tail in a way that brings the strings around and over the top of the stop tail. The thought behind this is that it softens the "feel" of the action. The problem with this is it puts undo stress on the strings at the bridge end resulting in string breakage and failure. The Ferro top wrap stop tail relieves all of these ills in one very basic design. Easy set-up and will change out in minutes.This will work with the Ferro LP style bridge.Mounting between studs is 3.218 .

Intonation Adjustment

A guitar neck scale is the distance from the exact point where the string leaves the nut to the exact point it contacts the bridge saddles, divided exactly in half at the twelfth fret. Each string has a different diameter and will behave differently at the contact points. By no means is it an exact science. Hence, we have the intonation adjustment. With the guitar in perfect tune, hitting a string open and playing the same string note at the twelfth fret should give you exactly the same note, different octaves of course. The intonation adjustment allows you to dial this in.


    Individual String Height Adjustment

Guitar fret boards have what is called a radius. Ferro Guitars utilize a 12" Radius. What does this mean? If you were to draw a 24" circle and cut a small piece of it out, you would see that its curve conforms exactly to the fret board. The radius of a 24" circle is 12". When adjusting string height, it is important that each string is the same height off the fret board as the string next to it. The Ferro flush mount bridge  allows for this. If you were to look down the neck the strings should have the same arc as the fret board.


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